What Is Hypnosis: 3 Life-Changing Examples [Video] 

Our hypnosis for weight loss program uses a positive mindset to reach your goals and overcome cravings combined with a healthy, realistic, and sustainable eating plan to help you lose weight.

Hypnosis entails a powerful kind of influence you can use to make dramatic changes in your thoughts, behaviors, and habits.

Using this for weight loss, it can help put an end to unhealthy habits such as overeating, poor food choices, emotional eating, stress eating, so called comfort eating, and mindless snacking.

It can also help you overcome cravings, sugar “addictions” and habits of stopping for fast foods, drive through windows, and binge eating. This is where the hypnosis weight loss comes in.


Does Hypnosis Actually Work? 

Yes, hypnosis helps shift your mindset towards food and meal choices.

It is a sort of mental training for healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. This is unlike that most weight loss gimmicks that include deprivation type diets and the myth that you can lose weight with rigorous exercising.

Hypnosis for weight loss blends hypnosis with an ideal, realistic and maintainable diet plan. The diet plan entails the use of natural foods which are readily available at your local grocery store.

There is no need to depend on expensive pre-packaged meals that don’t teach you about healthy eating. With Hypnosis for weight loss, you will want to eat healthy foods because your mindset is focused. Hypnosis can achieve your weight loss goal and you begin to desire healthy foods at every meal.

Hypnosis enables your mind to shift towards eating the right foods in the required amounts. You will also find that the shift in thinking makes you realize you don’t feel deprived in any way.

The eating plan makes you feel satisfied and comfortable so the program is much easier to follow than a typical “diet” plan.  Though you may not “feel” any different after a hypnosis session, you will soon see yourself:

  1. Making Healthier Food Choices
  2. Resisting the urges to eat junk food
  3. Developing a discipline that you never knew was possible for you


General Reasons For Unhealthy Food Cravings 

the craving for eating unhealthy foods before hypnosis

There are various issues that can trigger the urge to eat. The most common one is physical hunger.

It simply the way your body tells you it is time to eat. You make feel your stomach growling or churning, maybe you feel you blood sugar crashing as some people do, or maybe it’s been many hours since your last meal.

This is your body saying it is in need of food and it is time to eat. This kind of feeling generally makes a person take action to end their hunger.

This is evident when a baby cries to be fed. The mother brings a bottle and the baby loses the pains of hunger and starts to feel more comfotable for a short period of time.

The second thing that can trigger eating is the appetite. This is not necessarily a physical hunger but a psychological hunger.

The appetite is what can make people want to eat even though they may not truly feel hungry.

Satisfying the appetite can create a feeling of pleasure and short-term relaxation. Unfortunately, satisfying your appetite, when not truly hungry usually leads to consuming far more calories than we need and often the wrong type of calories too.

Third, is the fact that eating creates a conditioned response. Meaning once you satisfy your eating intent, you will likely continue to do so to chase the feeling of short-term pleasure and relaxation. It almost creates an addictive-like cycle in our eating.


Can Anyone Do Hypnosis For Weightloss?

That is a great question, and we get it often. Our professional answer is, you’d be ideal for hypnosis if you:

  • Have a burning desire to lose weight
  • Don’t have time to do rigorous exercise or research about all the methods of weight loss that are out there
  • Tried other weight loss programs in the past without the success you had hoped for
  • Are looking for an affordable plan without on-going expenses month after month

Most of the clients coming through our Hypnosis for weight loss programs include  individuals that have tried many other programs or tried to do it alone. Often that have spent a lot of time, money, and effort only to see it didn’t deliver the results they wanted.

This is because so much of weight loss success comes down to your mindset. If you have the actual desire and want to lose weight and through hypnosis you know you can, it will help you persevere where in the past you may have given up.

Hypnosis will work for you. It truly does change your body and your mindset. Here are some of the other additional benefits of Hypnosis:


The Benefits Of Hypnosis Weight Loss

the benefits of using hypnosis for weight loss

 Hypnosis will enable you to transform negative beliefs and negative thinking into a positive, optimistic mindset.

You will find it much easier to set lifetime goals with weight loss, health and even in other areas such as career goals, motivation, and overcoming limiting beliefs. You’ll soon see that you end self sabotaging behaviors and commit to new achievements rather than acting as your own worst enemy.

The benefits of Hypnosis for weight loss include:

  • Increased motivation for weight loss due to your changed mindset
  • Changing poor eating habits into a new, healthy and enjoyable lifestyle
  • Weight loss without depending on willpower, exercise, or trying every new fad.

In the recent years, weight loss programs have become very popular. In many ot these prorgams things usually go well at the start since you are devoted to making it.

However, without changing the mindset, motivation and enthusiam soon fall off, progress stalls and motivation ends. This is the point where hypnosis could make all the difference.

Hypnosis will simply give your inner subconscious mind constructive suggestions and proposals which helps you carry out your tasks with little to no efforts. This menas that you don’t have to depend on absolute willpower to make it.

You will get a positive response from your mind which will side with you instead of the opposite.

Our Real Hypnosis Student Case Studies?

If you’re wondering, “Does hypnosis for weight loss actually work”? Just hear from some of our students that have been through our program here in Connecticut:

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In Conclusion 

Hypnosis can be the key to weight loss. It never entails any kind of harmful fad diet plans or even workouts that are ineffective.

This kind of program will enable you to maintain your plan staying consistent overtime to see the changes you desire in your weight, body fat, and overall health.

To see more information regarding our Hypnosis sessions here in Connecticut, please click here. You can also read more by visiting our blog.