There are often many questions about weight loss, what’s the best diet, How Hypnosis can Help, exercise routine or supplement to try.  The reality is that there isn’t one answer for everyone.  There are some constant truths, you can exercise all day, every day and you won’t see a noticeable change in your weight unless you modify your eating habits.

The idea of a diet has changed over the years from regular eating pattern (think “the Mediterranean diet, heavy in vegetables, lean meats, not a ton of dairy, everything in moderation) to something you did for a short period of time to lose weight quickly (think the cabbage diet or a cleanse of some sort).  As most of us know, these short-term, quick-fix “diets” do help lose some weight, but the loss is brief.  In addition, the eating regimens are hard, if not impossible and nutritionally unsound to maintain for a long period of time.  The goal is to reframe your attitude towards food and your portions.

That’s where hypnosis can come in to help adjust your relationship with food.  This article from Psychology Today is a good reference about successful weight loss using hypnosis.  I encourage you to take a look.