Can Hypnosis Motivate Me To Excercise?

Finding the will to lose weight can be easy at first, but over time it can become harder to stick to diet and exercise programs.Think of everyone you have ever known that set a New Year’s resolution to exercise or lose weight.  Though we often have the best of intentions, balancing the gym with work and home life is often very difficult and finding time to work out can be almost impossible.
Many people look for ways to keep themselves on track for their weight loss goals, such as fitness trackers, joining a gym or signing up for a class. Some people even use reward programs or join a program with a friend for accountability.
Not many people realize hypnosis is a great tool for losing weight. Hypnosis can also help with the mindset or motivation to exercise even if at times you may not feel like it.

Can you lose weight with hypnosis?

The answer is yes, hypnosis can help you lose weight.  Hypnosis is also ideal for motivating you to exercise and keeping you on track with your diet and weight loss regimes.
Hypnosis works on the basis of putting you into a trance-like state and then conditioning your subconscious mind with positive suggestions to see, act, believe, and behave differently.
As your subconscious has significantly more control over your actions than you realize, altering its behavior can help with many lifestyle choices and mental “blocks,” such as a lack of motivation.

How does hypnosis for weight loss work?

In our program, receiving hypnotherapy for weight loss focuses on your mindset, diet (or eating plan is probably a better choice or words) and exercise regimen. We also focus on the reasons why you feel you may have been unable to stick to your plan in the past.
Identifying these issues while under hypnosis is much easier because your mind is in a less inhibited state, it is open to positive suggestions, and so it’s possible to identify the root causes of why you haven’t followed through in the past.
Here are the ways in which hypnosis helps with exercise:
1. Hypnosis can motivate you to exercise
One of the biggest barriers to any weight loss program is finding the motivation to actually get moving to boost your metabolism and burn more calories. You may want the motivation to the gym and work out or even just get out and take a walk after work or dinner.
Hypnosis works with you to identify what’s been holding you back from getting more exercise, going to the gym, or simply moving more and it also gives some of the best ways to combat these problems. One such technique is to visualize how you feel after you’ve worked out, and then use these feelings as an incentive for going to the gym.
It may not sound that powerful just reading about it but under hypnosis, really seeing yourself working out, feeling (in your mind) the effects of exercise, and seeing (again in your mind) the results of exercise makes it real to you. The subconscious mind has a hard time deciphering the difference between a real event and one imagined vividly and in great detail. Under hypnosis, the subconscious actually “sees” the result of exercise and how good and healthy it makes you feel so you soon see yourself wanting to exercise to make those results real.
Hypnosis for motivation works on the very simple premise of teaching you to focus on what you want and to use the feeling of success you’ll get as an incentive to get there. Hypnotherapy can also help you to define deeper goals, such as fitting into smaller clothes, feeling healthier, having a longer healthier life so you can see your children and grandchildren grow up, graduate, get married, or start a career.
Having larger goals like these or whatever inspires you, can help you to remain motivated to exercise to speed to progress towards your ultimate weight loss goal.  Having just “weight loss” as your main goal may not be focused enough, and it can be hard to stick to something too vague. Zeroing in on your real goals and what inspires you is one key to staying motivated to exercise.
Hypnosis also helps with motivation by teaching you to want “it” more.  The “it” is that desire to succeed above all else, to reach your goals for your own self-satisfaction. To know that you can achieve what you set out to do.  This is one of the main reasons to use motivation hypnosis, and one reason it is particularly relevant to weight loss hypnosis. Creating a desire for exercise in your subconscious will combat any problems you have with consciously motivating yourself, and will make it much easier to get to the gym.
2. Hypnosis helps with weight loss by ending procrastination
Procrastination is very rarely due to laziness. Instead, it’s often caused by things such as fear of failure, fear of success, or fear of the unknown. All of these can be viable reasons for putting things off, for not exercising. One of the main reasons though is the fear of failing.
If you’ve attempted to lose weight before and not succeeded, it can be hard to find the will to start again. Hypnosis for weight loss works and it can even help you to identify the reasons for your procrastination around exercise and then suggests new habits to the subconscious part of your mind.
Procrastination is often fueled by your self-perception too. If you have low self-esteem, especially if it is in regards to your weight, it can be very hard to get yourself exercising. You procrastinate due to fear of change, or the inability to see yourself as anything different from how you look now.
Using hypnosis to exercise tackles issues of fear and procrastination by teaching you mindfulness techniques to use when faced with fear. For example, if you think ahead and plan out your reaction to failure it can be much easier to deal with. Alternatively, if you do this and succeed it will feel even better.
3. Hypnosis helps you persevere until you achieve
One of the hardest parts of a diet plan is persevering until you have reached your intended goal. If you begin to see results it can be easy to settle, especially if you haven’t set yourself any distinct goals. It’s all too common to see people get halfway through a diet plan and then fall off the wagon, only to not get back on again. Lacking perseverance is ultimately the reason for this, and if people have had setbacks, stress at work or home life, they often see themselves fall off track and then find themselves unable to get back on track.
It’s easy to lose weight with hypnosis by conditioning your mind to persevere. Being put into a trance-like state makes your mind more suggestible to new ideas and habits, and so it can be easy to teach it that “never give up attitude” that makes many people successful. Learning to have single-mindedness and determination helps you stick to your weight loss goals, even when the going becomes difficult.
Your perseverance can be tested either by mental or physical blocks. If you injure yourself it can be hard to pick up where you left off. Similarly, if you experience stress it can be easy to lose the determination to exercise. Weight loss hypnosis helps with these issues by teaching you to remain on track and to focus on your end goal, even when this seems hard.
 4. Hypnosis helps you stay consistent
It’s one thing to achieve your weight loss goals, but it’s another thing entirely to remain at your goal weight long-term. You might have found with previous diets that you lose interest once you’re at the desired weight, and that’s when it becomes easy to slip up. By not actively changing your lifestyle and exercise habits, you see exercise as an anomaly in your life rather than a constant part.
Hypnosis for weight loss helps to combat this by changing your mental habits. Teaching your subconscious to think differently will allow you to incorporate exercise into your daily routine without any issue because you won’t see it as one.
New habits can take a little time to form, some even say it takes new habits to take around 21 days to form, and so the goal of weight loss hypnosis is to teach you new habits, and the motivation to stick with them. The goal of our hypnosis weight loss program is not only to help you achieve your weight loss goals but to remain at them too.
What are the benefits of regular exercise?
We all know that exercise benefits our physical health, and helps to stay more active well into later life, but not many people think about the benefits it has to your mental health. Working out releases chemicals in your brain that trigger good moods, which is why it’s common to get “addicted”  to exercise. Done properly in this sense, addiction to exercise is a good thing.  These good feelings stay with you long after you’ve finished a workout, and are excellent motivation for getting back to the gym.
As hypnosis can give you new found motivation and perseverance, and it can also help with self-esteem and confidence. These are also things improved by exercise, and so using hypnosis for weight loss can be a great way to improve your overall health.
One key to staying healthy is regular exercise. It’s not enough just to work out once a week, as you need to be working out regularly in order to see the benefits. This is where many people give up too quickly; they can’t find the motivation to keep active regularly.
While this is understandable because of the busyness of our lives at home and work but the proper mindset about exercise helps you make it a priority. For all of u,s there area time when work and home can be stressful, and the mental benefits of exercise are an ideal way to combat these stresses.
Conquering your mental block
It’s all too easy to think about going to the gym and saying “not now” or “I don’t feel like it.” These mental blocks are easy to throw up, especially in the face of change. In order to lose weight effectively, and to keep it off, it’s important to learn how to conquer these mental blocks.
That’s where hypnosis helps with weight loss. It looks directly at your reasons for not wanting to exercise and works to overcome them. For many people, overcoming these mental obstacles is all they needed to become fit and healthy. Once you’ve identified what’s holding you back, hypnotherapy helps you to build new habits in your subconscious, meaning you won’t encounter these blocks again.
How can we help?
Our hypnosis for weight loss program is held monthly in Berlin, CT.  It is specifically designed to provide you with the tools you need to reach your goals.
Furthermore, we will help you identify your mental blocks and move past them so you can enjoy exercise and eating healthy.  Our program will build your self-confidence and help you see yourself as a strong, determined person that follows through and reaches your goals.
You will find a new motivation to reach your healthiest weight and even find the motivation to get to the gym, move more, walk, swim, bike and do it all with a new attitude. Hypnosis can help you overcome your own boundaries  to achieve the perfect weight you’ve desired.