Is There Hypnosis For Weight Loss Near Me? A common inquiry that people look for is “hypnosis for weight loss near me”? If you live in Connecticut, western Massachusetts, New York, and even Rhode Island, the answer is yes, there is hypnosis for weight loss near you.  We are located in central Connecticut, Berlin to be exact, which is less than an hours drive from almost anywhere in Connecticut.

We have been fortunate to have had clients that have traveled from New York City, Westchester County, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. They take part in our hypnosis weight loss program that is held every month.

Why would people travel to attend our hypnosis weight loss program?

We like to think it is because people get such a great result but there are actually a variety of factors. One is that we take a real personal interest in each client’s success. Often before registering for the program, Dr. McEvoy will have a phone call with potential clients to answer questions and see if the program is right for the person. There is never a hard sell, it must be the right time for the client. They must feel comfortable that they are making the right decision. This leads to people getting better results.

Since some people contact us through email, Dr. McEvoy will also correspond with people before they register. Again this is done to answer questions and make sure they feel confident they are doing the right thing. This is to serve the client properly. It also gives Dr. McEvoy the opportunity to get to know a little bit about a person before they even meet face to face.

Our Hypnosis For Weight Loss group sessions

We also have group sessions that are small enough that Dr. McEvoy can personally consult with clients even long after the sessions have ended. One of the key hypnosis factors is having a good rapport with clients. This is why Dr. McEvoy takes the time to speak with clients before they register. Each client gets Dr. McEvoy’s personal email and cell phone number so they can reach out to him at any time with questions, challenges. Even more so, if they need help staying on track.

Many other weight loss programs, hypnosis based or not, just don’t offer the type of follow-up that clients may need. The fact is losing weight can take time and if you can’t follow through and stay consistent it is hard to have lasting weight loss success.  There are not many hypnosis weight loss programs where you can call to speak to the director as often as needed to help you reach your goals.

Hypnosis For Weight Loss Near Me Results?

This is something we are very proud of. The results we have seen with hypnosis based weight loss have been excellent. Certainly, every person is different with regard to their weight loss goals, their genetics, health, how long they have been overweight, and how much they have to lose. We have had clients that have lost well over 100 pounds to as little as 10 pounds and everything in between. Everyone has different goals and hope for their weight and health and they achieve them at their own pace.

We do not have a requirement that you have to be a certain number of pounds overweight as some clients just want to learn to eat better.

Some are just a bit overweight but they may want a support network for their weight and nutrition. Being able to follow through with weight loss for the long term.

Others may be just a little overweight. They come through the program with a friend or family member that has to lose a significant amount of weight. In addition, they want to be there for their support and encouragement. These clients often reach their goal very quickly and help their partner do the same.

How Does This Hypnosis For Weight Loss Program Near Me Work?

Our CT weight loss hypnosis program is done in 3 sessions over the course of 3 weeks. Each week has a slightly different focus to help you achieve your goals.

Each weekly session has a hypnosis portion where your subconscious mind receives the information it needs to help you start, follow through, and maintain your weight loss efforts.

The first week in our CT weight loss hypnosis program

The first week is aimed at getting you off to a proper start with healthy eating and the mindset to follow through. You will have a hypnosis session that lasts about an hour and then there is a discussion part where you learn the proper way to eat to lose weight and fat in a safe and effective manner.

The second session in our CT weight loss hypnosis program

The second session also covers the proper way to eat but there is a strong focus on overcoming temptations, cravings, stress eating, comfort eating, and emotional eating. We also focus on overcoming sabotage by others and even from yourself at times. The fact is, there are times when family, friends, and co-workers are not onboard with your weight loss efforts so this session is aimed at keeping you strong and focused on getting to your goal.

The third session in our CT weight loss hypnosis program

The third session also covers healthy eating and following through but this week we also focus on exercise. Granted creating a fully individualized exercise program is beyond the scope of our group sessions. If you need help getting started with an exercise program, Dr. McEvoy will speak with you outside of the normal group times. This is to help you develop an exercise plan that works for your level of health and fitness.

Follow-up with hypnosis for weight loss near me

What happens after our sessions end? We offer follow up sessions every four to six weeks. By the time you finish the program, you will know how to eat properly and will understand the basics of fat loss. The follow-up sessions are aimed at keeping you on track and focused on reaching your goals.

The fact is we are all under stresses to some degree, we have times when we are tempted such as vacations, holidays, family events etc. These can be times when we may find it difficult to follow through and eat properly.

Our follow up sessions offer you a chance to re-focus on your efforts and keep you moving towards your ultimate weight loss goal.

How often do you need a follow-up session?  This is totally up to you. Some people never come to one and stay right on track. Others come every few months just to stay focused. And, some clients come every month. They may be on track and want to stay that way or some feel that with the stresses of work, family, and life in general. They have too many times when they could fall off and they want to stay strong and focused on their efforts.

What Makes Hypnosis For Weight Loss Near Me Different?

There are several things that make New England Hypnosis & Weight Loss unique. Our program gives you the know how to lose weight in a safe and effective manner. It teaches you to eat real foods that you can get at your local grocery store.

Our program, through the use of hypnosis, gives you the mindset you need for a successful weight loss process. We give you the basics of beginning to exercise to accelerate fat loss, promote health, and retain muscle.

Our Program at New England Hypnosis & Weight Loss

Our program also gives you access to Dr. McEvoy as often as you need to help you reach your weight loss goals.

We have a private member-only Facebook page for social support, so you can ask questions, share recipes, and see the progress that some members share. You don’t have to participate in the Facebook group but you can simply look and see what may be working for others.

We also give step by step instructions via email. After each session, you get a series of emails that lay out the program so you never have to remember everything. Some other programs offer no printed or email support and expect you to remember everything you hear. We won’t do that to you.

Another thing that makes New England Hypnosis & Weight Loss unique

Another thing that makes us different is that we strive to keep our program as affordable as possible. Over the years we have seen many people waste large amounts of money on a program that don’t have lasting results.

We have seen people spend money on weight loss programs that cost thousands of dollars. They have ongoing monthly costs, use pre-packaged foods that of course you only buy through the program’s offices.

One of the worst offenders in the pre-packaged food arena is a company that has doctors buy into a program for thousands of dollars. Then have to stock a room with pre-packaged foods where clients come to “shop” to the tune of about $90 a week. This way too much for a program that leads to weight gain as soon as the pre-packaged foods stop.

What are some other used gimmicks

Others used gimmicks like liquid droppers of “energetic” medicines that they claim are based on your genetics. Things like this are not needed for a longer term, healthy weight loss.

We also don’t claim to offer rapid weight loss that you will find unsustainable for the long term.  Any program that claims or promises 20, 30, or 40 pounds of weight or fat loss in the first month or two. This is questionable in their integrity. Rapid water loss is possible which can show on the scale but real lasting fat loss takes some time.

When a fat loss program claims rapid weight loss, they are often using methods that can work in the beginning when a client is highly motivated and willing to deprive themselves. When that initial enthusiasm wears off. The client cannot maintain the weight they lost.

How is New England Hypnosis & Weight Loss different

New England Hypnosis & Weight Loss is different because we help with your mindset. The thinking process to maintain motivation and enthusiasm by changing your subconscious beliefs about your weight. You will also have the eating and nutrition know how to lose and maintain weight loss.

We also offer an affordable program where for less than $500 you will get all the information and knowledge you need for lasting healthy weight loss. This is a one time fee with nothing monthly to buy. It is just not necessary to pay thousands of dollars anymore.

When Can I Start With Hypnosis Weight Loss Near Me?

At New England Hypnosis & Weight Loss we have new sessions starting every month. If you are interested in reserving a seat, feel free to call us at (860) 438-8788 or email us at

If you are in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, or Rhode Island and you’d like to see if our hypnosis weight loss program is right for you. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have and to learn a little more about your situation. Please contact us today.