NE Hypnosis and their students know that Hypnosis and Motivation are the two key factors to having a successful weight loss journey. The importance of motivation in life cannot be understated. You wake up every morning to face the day because you are pushed or inspired to do something. You see it being essential to you or something you love. This feeling, this sense of importance and want or need that drives you to get a task done describes what motivation is. This could be what drives you to get to the gym each day or take on a new project. It could also be something as simple as getting to work each day. Doing your daily tasks knowing your children and family depend on you to supply for their needs.

Hypnosis And Motivation Usually Leads To Creating Positive Results

Hypnosis and Motivation is the driving force that makes dreams become reality. When you are motivated, you have the desire to meet specific goals. You are pushed to set the goals and keep working towards them being realized. With consistent motivation, you are bound to be successful at any venture you put your efforts.

For many of us, we do try our very best to put in the effort. We do our best to achieve great results, as no one purposely works towards poor outcomes. However, sometimes we lose the zeal, we get tired and getting to work might feel like a chore.

You know you need to do something to get a specific result, but instead, you would prefer doing something else. Either something more pleasurable or even doing nothing at all, essentially wasting time. This usually happens when we are either stressed or overwhelmed. Procrastination inevitably sets in. You begin postponing working on the project, waiting for the zeal to kick you into action once again.

Don’t give up

Sometimes, the drive never returns, the project ends up being undone for a long while. You might just give up on it altogether. This is unacceptable because you owe it to yourself to meet your goals and be productive. Being unmotivated prevents you from achieving this. If you set goals, but cannot muster the drive to reach them, they will only remain in the realm of goals. It can be even worse than that and they can always be unfulfilled goals of yours. Failing to meet your goals has so many dire consequences. But the worst of all might be that you might never be able to live your best life. You are capable of so much success and achievement. But with a lack of motivation you just can’t seem to follow through with a plan of action to reach a goal or finish a project.

We mean to put in the effort, but the lack of zeal slows us down, and many times we are not even sure why this happens. However, one thing is clear; there is a need to find ways to get your voluntary actions back. You need to recover your ability to do what needs to get done to achieve the results you require, and the life you want. It has been said you will experience what you tolerate. We need not tolerate less than our best efforts and results. We need to re-fire that motivational spark to start to experience our best life. So, how do we do that?

One of the best and easiest ways to do this is through hypnosis.  This might not be the first thing that comes to mind or sound like the usual option. Many of us do not understand what the process is about.

Hypnosis Works By Employing Your Subconscious To Influence Your Conscious Mind

It is a way of improving concentration and paying attention to the necessary things.

You might have heard the wrong ideas about hypnosis. You might believe that it makes people surrender to things against their will, but that is a false belief. Hypnosis is really about empowering your mind to change your actions and habits. The changes in your actions can lead to successfully reaching the goals you set. In addition completing those tasks that you know need to get done.

Hypnosis Can Be Used To Change People’s Beliefs

Hypnosis and Motivation can be used to increase confidence, and motivate people to be their best.  It can help you apply yourself fully to the tasks you have to do. It can make you feel the rewards and benefits of a job well done.

Hypnosis is almost an effortless, way to get motivated, anyone can use it, and it also brings long-term changes with no discrimination. It doesn’t matter much whether you ‘believe’ in it or not. When you reach the subconscious mind, changes become much easier.

It is a process that can be simple to use and really all you need is the willingness to follow through with the process.

Before starting the process of motivating yourself with hypnosis

Before starting the process of motivating yourself with hypnosis, there are a few things about your goals you will need to consider:

  • Check if your goals are rational and logical and at least somewhat realistic for you. There is nothing wrong with setting a big goal that may or may not be reached. At least you know you have something to aim for. The realistic part comes with making sure what you are striving for is congruent with your life in general.  For example, trying to become a nurse when you can’t stand the sight of blood might not be a brilliant idea.
  • Visualize your goals. Try imagining the things you want, and how it would make you feel. Think of things like your job, a sport goal, a business or career ambition, or a weight loss or health goal. See yourself as you will be when you accomplish that goal.  With this in mind, you can find ways to break down your goals into chunks to make it easier to achieve.
  • Create the right stimulus. Stimulus is an external factor that influences your actions and state of mind. Why are you doing something or hoping to achieve something? Is it for you, your ego, your family, children, spouse, or grandchildren. Maybe you want to achieve something just to show yourself you are capable of doing something (maybe a road race, marathon, ironman race). It’s okay to set a goal for your own ambitions if that’s what drive you to better yourself.

How to begin the hypnotic process

After you are done with this, you can begin the hypnotic process itself. Hypnosis is usually done with a hypnotist talking you into a relaxed state of mind or a light trance.  The body relaxes, the mind relaxes and in this state, the hypnotist can reach the subconscious mind. We get to this state by using words of encouragement, positive language, and guided imagery. He or she can also use direct commands to instructed the subconscious mind with the desired end goal.  

To achieve this trance-like state you will usually get very comfortable in a chair or bed. You will be in a place that is quiet and where you won’t be interrupted. There may be gentle background noise or just peace and quiet. This is so you will be able to fully relax, you prepare your mind and body for the session. Now, the hypnotist can get to work. As the client you just focus on what the hypnotist says and follow the instructions for a period of time.

It is important to remember, this is not brainwashing or mind control. There is nothing to fear as most people find the process to be enjoyable and very relaxing. Do not be afraid; the whole process is in your hands, you can stop whenever you want. There is no coercion involved and you will never do anything against your will, ethics, or morals.

The Hypnosis Process Helps You To Take In Positive Language

Hypnosis and motivation changes your subconscious mind to affect your realities. It replaces your angst, depression or lack of motivation with joy, enthusiasm, and determination. However, remember that just like every other therapeutic session, everyone reacts in different ways. The same happens with hypnosis. Some people notice changes immediately, while it might take longer for other people. It is advisable to go at your own pace.

Whatever your field or occupation, without the motivation to be your best. You cannot not be the best student, employee, employer, spouse/partner. Lack of motivation and follow through leads to poor performance in life in general.

We all face obstacles every day while we go about our lives, jobs or respective businesses, it is a part of being human. Motivation plays a huge role in conquering these obstacles, so the need to be motivated should be high on your priority list. It is paramount to seek and find what drives you. It helps you get to be the best at the life you have planned for yourself. If hypnosis can do this for you, it is worth the try.

How To Get Started On The Hypnosis and Motivation Program

At NE Hypnosis, our hypnosis and motivation weight loss program in CT, we use a combination of progressive relaxation and hypnosis induction. We do this to achieve the hypnotic state and then the client is guided through a period of meditation, visualization, and hypnotic commands. They can find the motivation to stick to a weight loss plan. This is a very effective way to use hypnosis for weight loss motivation.

We also use hypnosis to motivate clients in their life endeavors in general. If you find you are lacking motivation to accomplish your daily tasks or take on a new challenge. Contact us to see if our hypnosis and motivation programs are right for you.