Can Hypnosis Help You Lose Weight? 

Have you ever wondered if hypnosis can help you lose weight? In today’s article, Nee England Hypnosis & Weight Loss covers the common myths and beliefs that many people have.

Is hypnosis for weight loss just the latest fad or is there really something to it? 
Many people have tried all types of weight loss programs, fads, schemes, even resorting to dangerous medications and even more dangerous surgeries. So why is America (and the world) heavier than ever?
One thing has been the old food pyramid that has instilled the belief that we need all kinds of grains and carbohydrate to be healthy.
You don’t hear as much about the ‘food pyramid’ these days but if you were around in the 1970’s through about 2000 it was driven in to us to avoid the proteins, keep fruit and vegetables to 5 servings a day and go hog wild for the whole grains and starches like potatoes, bread, and rice.
So many of us have grown up on starches and sugars as the staples of our diet and after many years, it has led to generations of Americans being overweight. It has also led to large increases in heart disease, diabetes, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, obesity and deposits of stubborn fat that people just can’t seem to lose.
Another effect of a high sugar, high starch diet is that it can have an almost addictive like quality to it. When we eat a ’treat’ loaded with sugar it can trigger pleasure centers in the brain that make us enjoy the treat for the moment.
This effect is quickly lost and then we soon find ourselves craving another ’jolt’ of sugar. Now people find themselves going back to the refrigerator, snack bar, or office goodie bin. It creates a vicious cycle that leads to poor health and being overweight.

So why can’t people just stop eating the wrong foods?

In my practice, I have seen thousands of people that have tried dozens and dozens of different ways to lose weight. Why do they end up in my office? Why are more people discovering the benefits of hypnosis for weight loss? And more importantly, can weight loss for hypnosis actually help you lose weight. 
The fact is, other diet programs may offer new ways to eat. They may limit fat, limit calories, offer point systems to follow, send pre-made or pre-packaged foods right to your door, etc.

So why do these types of diets eventually fail?  What is missing?  

What is missing is the shift in thinking towards food. Missing also is the ability to stay away from the things that lead to being overweight and missing is the ability to end food cravings, stop emotional eating, stop stress eating, and stop comfort eating.
So-called comfort eating is one of the most frustrating terms to me because I have heard from hundreds of people over the years that they think need a day of ‘comfort eating’ because they’ve had a stressful week.
The truth is this comfort eating leads to regret because it means you’ve really had a day of out of control eating. You’ve probably consumed hundreds or even thousands of unnecessary calories and this soon leads to regret, frustration, stress, and in short time, these people find themselves doing it all again.
This is where hypnosis can step in to break these unhealthy cycles. Hypnosis can be the difference between another failed diet and long-term weight loss success. is different.
You see hypnosis speaks to the subconscious mind to change the way we think about food and it offers a real way to change our habits as well.
Hypnosis can help you lose weight by helping you say no to cravings and junk food and say yes to healthy eating consistently for the long term. This is where other diets fail. There is no long-term strategy to help you permanently change your thinking about food and your diet so eventually you slip up, fall back to old habits and lose the ability to follow through.
This is why people often start a weight loss program, see some success, fall off track, gain weight (usually more than where they started), go back on a program, lose some weight, fall off track, etc. It is a never-ending cycle.
Often times we see people that have not only tried dieting, but they’ve also tried to exercise away fat and weight with little success. You will never be able to exercise away a poor diet (you may get away with it for a short time from about ages 12 to 20 but after then it just doesn’t work).
Other people have not only tried the various forms of exercise, many have also hired trainers,  seen weight loss doctors and surgeons, and various nutritionists with many different theories about fat loss.
The one thing many people haven’t thought of (but it is slowly changing) is to try hypnosis.
Often, people are initially skeptical about hypnosis because they may have some preconceived notions about hypnosis being a form of mind control or brainwashing. These fears of hypnosis are unfounded but it is still common that people are nervous when they had never been hypnotized previously.
Unfortunately, at times Hollywood has given a somewhat inaccurate portrayal of hypnosis I promise you won’t go on a crime spree, sing, dance or cluck like a chicken. You may be surprised to hear that often when people call for information about our program, they ask questions about hypnosis myths such as these.
Hypnosis for weight loss has a few different methods to achieve the results you desire. First is with a meditative type relaxation where you are in a relaxed state and simply listen to my talk on healthy eating, ending cravings, making the right choices consistently, and knowing that you are capable of achieving weight loss goal you have for yourself. The next part is a visualization about how you want you to look, how you see yourself, and how others will soon see you.

Our Students Are Seeing Positive Results 

The nice thing about the program is that so many people are seeing positive results. The fact is hypnosis works and it works well for weight loss and healthy eating.
Some studies have shown that people who use hypnosis can lose more than twice as much weight as those who diet but don’t use hypnosis.
Another study showed that women that used hypnosis lost weight, improved their eating habits, and improved their body image. A different study showed hypnosis can help control hunger and help keep you feeling full between meals.
Though we need to continue with high-quality research studies, those coming through our program have seen it work for first hand and weight loss hypnosis can work for you too.

Should You Try Hypnosis For Weight Loss 

If you’re still wondering if hypnosis for weight loss can help you lose weight, you may want to look at this list. The list includes great candidates for weight loss & hypnosis:

Great candidates for weight loss hypnosis include:
* People that have tried other diet plans with little or no success
* People that are emotional eaters, stress eaters, and frequent comfort eaters
* People that give in to cravings
* People that don’t think they can really lose weight.
* People that don’t really know how to eat to lose fat.
* People that don’t really know about healthy eating.
* People that start diet plans but never follow through
* People that have been “ yo-yo “ dieters
* People that really want to get healthy and lose weight but don’t know how
* People that are finally ready to commit to lifetime weight loss, health and wellness.
* People that want a laid out plan with simple, easy to follow instructions that lead to
  your success
* People that desire unlimited follow-up access to keep you on track to reach your goals

Learn More About Our Program

If you are truly ready to reach your weight loss goals, hypnosis can be the piece you have been missing. Hypnosis will give you a willpower that you didn‘t know you had.

It will also help you see food in a new light, that of fuel for your body’s peak performance rather than a source of stress relief or purely eating for pleasure.  Hypnosis can help rewire or rewrite the association with food and your behaviors.


There is no staring at a stopwatch. There is no comedy show and no stage hypnosis. Here is what exactly what happens during a hypnosis session.
You will sit back on a recliner-type chair and rest your body, relax your muscles, relax your mind and just focus on the words you hear.
You likely will feel very calm, peaceful and serene. One interesting thing is you may hear every word during the hypnosis session and some people will feel so relaxed and almost sleepy so they hear nothing.
Either way is fine in that your subconscious mind will hear everything and act upon what it hears.
Part of what it hears is a positive suggestion to change how you view food, how you view your body and how you will achieve your goals. Most people find after the sessions, they are very relaxed yet energized and motivated to make changes starting immediately.
Hypnosis doesn’t keep you from having cravings but it trains the brain to allow you to move beyond the cravings without acting on it and not feeling deprived by not acting on it.
So though everyone’s experience of hypnosis is a little bit different,   the outcome of easier weight loss and lasting weight loss is the end result for everyone.
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